Optical Disc Manufacture

Today, clients become more and more demanding on quality with technological advancement. In order to ensure product quality, our production factory maintains to be dustless (a clean room status), and equipped with fully integrated machinery. Starting from mastering, disc duplication and printing, every single process is monitored by our professional production team and technicians. With the most advanced equipment and strict quality control measures, all our products are strictly conformed to international standard and requirements.

Our Products include:

CD Category
• CD-ROM ︰650 MB
• Audio CD ︰650 MB, 74 min
• Video CD ︰650 MB, 74 min
• 80mm CD ︰180 MB, 20 min
• Business Card CD / Die Cut CD ︰ 30 -45 MB, 3-5min

DVD Category
• DVD-5 ︰4.7 GB, 133 min (single layer, single sided)
• DVD-9 ︰8.5 GB, 242 min (double layer, single sided)
• DVD-10 ︰9.4 GB, 266 min (single layer, double sided)

Except 120mm, 80mm and business card CD, we provide Die Cut CDs to deal with specific needs of our customers.