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Bicson Magnetronic Co Ltd, being a disc manufacturer providing one stop service from production to packaging, is founded in 2000. Our products include CD-Rom, Audio CD,VCD, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 and so on.

With the use of the most advanced and latest technology, we are able to fulfill our goal and cater customer's specific marketing objectives by innovating ideas and providing high quality products & services. With the trust of our clients related to the protection of intellectual property rights, we are proud to duplicate various disc products.

We have factories both in Hong Kong and the Mainland China, with more than 30 pieces CD and DVD production lines. With sufficient resources, we are able to meet tight deadline in bulk ordering quantities.

We believe the crucial element of building up long term business relationship is to make our customers satisfied with their word of mouth. Therefore, we carry out strict quality control in every production processes in order to guarantee product quality.